Soil Delivery

It was a bit overwhelming to see the amount of potting soil delivered to the farm today. How many thousands of plants can this soil house? That would be a fun math equation.

Working with this organic potting soil, my hands haven’t been getting as dirty as I thought they would, which is because I’m not working with dirt. The ingredients of this mix include wood pieces, vermiculite (or popped rocks), some kind of fish emulsion, and peat moss. Now, the only use for peat I knew of previously was its smoke added to malted barley in the Scotch whiskey distillation process, giving Scotch its distinctive smoky flavor, often called “peatiness”. However, the most important property of peat is its ability to retain moisture in soil when it is dry, yet preventing the excess of water from killing roots when it is wet. It is composed of all types of organic remains. The vermiculite allows for air pockets in the soil, and everything else in the mix, including the peat moss, lends nutrients to the plants. This is the peatiest stuff around.